Motion capture technology has gained respect from medical professionals. We can record a patient recovering from a serious incident moving, to help with orthopedic diagnosis. However, the doctor would have to examine the data to determine the patients condition.

For top athletes, MoCap can record the moves and then analyze any part of the motion in detail. E.g. the swing of a golf club, a jump etc.. (Note that the system records at 120 or 250 frames per second, which is far more detailed than common TV cameras with 50 half-frames (fields) per second.)

For people recovering from serious injuries, MC setup can record their moves and objectively describe how rehabilitation proceeds. Also, the data may be used to determine how to proceed the treatment best.

The MoCap setup can be transported, however, it is quite complicated and needs plenty of space for its operation, so we'd recommend capturing in our studios.

We can provide the MoCap data for scientific or academic purposes, e.g. to support development of new CGI algorithms for character motion, medical studies etc.

Our RED One digital camera is ultra high definition and high speed device, which can be used to record things ordinary video camera can't. Also, the image is only mildly compressed, esp. compared to HDV standard, resulting in artifact-free precise video, which is good enough for cinema projection.

As a technological company, we feel that it is our responsibility to contribute to the scientific community, that is why we're always open to discuss special pricing for such projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs, we will try to find a mutually beneficial agreement.