We are also able to help our clients record exotic moves, some call this extreme motion capture.

We have successfuly recorded

  • a rider on a horse, have a gallop move with two walkcycles actually available, clean data.
  • a dog
  • some very exotic stunts' action, where men are rolling on a floor and fighting judo style of a fight,
  • free falling from many meters' height
  • people fencing, piercing, kicking, dying... and more.

Please make sure to visit our gallery to have fun watching performers in most crazy positions.

We co-operate with leading Czech film stunts with major movie credits, they can safely perform almost anything one can imagine, also, we are equipped for such an action.

As we are not only recording, but also post-processing the data, we really know, how to tweak the action on place and separate in small pieces that can be blended later together in a required resulting complicated move.

We are able to pack whole setup and transfer it to Your place. This is not recommended as the cameras can be optimally positioned in our studio, however if it is critical, then we can do that.