Architects often need to design advanced videos showcasing their projects.

Human / crowd simulation – we are able to provide various 3D CGI models of civilian characters with sets of motions needed to make virtual characters move believably. We have in-house Motion Capture studio for recording of the moves, our 3D character artists have vast experience designing various models for the 3D games - optimized for both rendering and real time.

With our digital cinema camera setup and post-processing software, we are able to assist in creating presentation videos in high definition and quality.

Linda CG software may help make the virtual world more realistic providing extremely highly detailed fully 3D trees. These of course differ from commonly used trees' photos, are less realistic in greater distance, however in close detail, full 3D structure can provide completely different experience than the flat photo.

Also, our in-house real-time rendering engine allows for importing the 3D world, ideal for interactive rendering of vast landscapes. Such a task is not easy nor cheap to achieve, however everyone with reasonably fast PC can move freely in the virtual world. Check our game project web-site for photo-galleries, sure the simulation can be completely free of any military violence people (for some reason) expect of game titles.