Advertisement Agencies are often in time stress and using our technology to designing shots for you may really speed things up dramatically.

CG characters, puppets, human-like CG models (e.g. box of candy...)

Motion capture: consumers really appreciate lifelike moves in animation, the more stylized the character is the more they will remember it. We can even do something simple like a box of candy with hands in a comics style for you to put on your webpage, with realistic recorded moves it looks a lot better..
Consider the costs of hand created animation. Our technology is faster, cheaper and gives you more predictable results. What the actor does is what you get in the animation.

Video recording

RED One: It is desirable to record the video on some high-end digital camera. This speeds things up and reduces overall costs (no need for telecine and film processing), also as commercials are usually heavily CG post-processed, lack of film grain on the input video may be advantageous.

Also, in-house there is a small audio recording stage, so it is possible to record audio for post-sync  in acoustically treated environment immediately after the action. Also, our sound engineer routinely records data for sound effects.

Audio design and recording

We provide recording of a voice and foley. Additionally, our composers can design unique soundtracks for Your projects.

CG character interacting with real living performer

Why not to use our unique combination of Motion capture setup and  digital high-res camera? That way, using a keying background, one performer may be recorded as usual, the other is used to generate animation data and to drive the CG character.

We provide a complete service, starting with transportation from the airport, booking hotels and food catering on location during the shooting days. Our staff is English speaking and our client will always have a specialist on hand available to resolve any problems or needs that may arise. We will always have at least on engineer on location; more are available if needed.

Why with us?

  • We are strategically positioned in the center of Europe, just few kilometers outside of Prague.
  • Our studio is purpose built for MoCap. It is equipped to handle large complicated shots.
  • We provide high end technology to your disposal
  • We have an experienced English speaking staff
  • We are friendly, and have a professional approach
  • With us you don’t have to worry, we will provide data you may depend on
  • No problems with parking here
  • And, also reasonable pricing