Our expected movie/video projects partner is the post-production studio responsible for CGI in the movie. Our BIS production manager shall cooperate with the special effects designer and production manager to agree on the amount of work necessary and timeframe needed as well as verify the expectations of the client.

The service offer includes:

  • the technology of motion capture for realistic movement of CGI 3D character, facial motion capture process which records the intricate changes in an actor facial expression
  • retargeting of motion: transfering actors' moves to a CGI characters with different body proportions, perhaps super-natural hero(-ine)
  • manual editing of motion – finish and tweak captured data manually
  • loop captured data – required because of memory limitations of PCs and the joining of different moves.
  • concurrent use of the motion capture setup and RED One digital camera with a green screen keying background allows for interactions of a real performer and a CG character
  • and it allows also for elegant 3D scanning – quickly convert 3D objects to CGI models in high detail – both detailed props and large-scale objects for rapid modeling.
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  • Audio recording – our in-house audio facility allows for recording of a voice, sound effects and more. Not primarily aimed at musical instrument recording, though.
  • The Stage – for smaller VFX projects, the stage may be suitable especially because various technologies are available on place. It is easily accessible from Prague.
  • Consultations – implementation hints.

We provide a complete service, starting with transportation from the airport, booking hotels and food catering on location during the shooting days. Our staff is English speaking and our client will always have a specialist on hand available to resolve any problems or needs that may arise. We will always have at least on engineer on location; more are available if needed.

Why with us?

  • We are strategically positioned in the center of Europe, just few kilometers outside of Prague.
  • Our studio is built for MoCap. It is equipped to handle large complicated shots.
  • We provide high end technology to your disposal
  • We have an experienced English speaking staff
  • We are friendly, and have a professional approach
  • With us you don’t have to worry, we will provide data you may depend on
  • No problems with parking here
  • And, also reasonable pricing

Typical MoCap pipeline:

  • Agree on the needs of the client; we'd be happy to do a demonstration on location
  • Agree on the time frame, data formats and technological details. (e.g. design of the skeleton system, character compatibility with the client's engine) We can provide test data to ensure that the client is able to make use of the results.
  • Agree on the props: ladders, steps, guns etc..
  • Agree on the pricing scheme
  • Receive the agreed down payment in advance to cover costs
  • Make accommodations for our client. (Book hotels, catering, etc.)
  • Welcome our client to our studio
  • Spend a day or two capturing the moves or recording a video..
  • Edit the captured data: We can either export the raw marker positions for you to further process (you must have adequate experience and technology in order to manage raw MoCap data!) or our specialist will work with your representative to tune the moves to your needs.
  • Export the MoCap data to a common 3D format: we natively support C3D for MotionBuilder, there are ways to get the data to Maya, 3DSMax, XSI and other packages also.