We can mix available technologies together, this allows for design of some very advanced visual effects.

  • MoCap and video recording at once: already proven pipeline allows to record two performers interact with each other. One dressed as a common performer in a real world dress and shot against green screen, the other with MC markers. The result is real and virtual character (eg. UFO..) interact with each other, the MC performer completely replaced by the CG character. Well known is virtual Gollum interacting with real people in Lord of the Rings movie by Peter Jackson.
  • Complete virtual character creation pipeline: already proven – scan a person's body by the 3D scanner, take photos by high-res digital SLR camera. Record his moves (fullbody and facial) by the motion capture. For the cut scene videos, record his real performance against the green screen by RED digital camera. Record his voice in the audio studio. Everything right on the spot!
  • Camera tracking with motion capture setup. This allows for camera 3D tracking without need of strong lighting, short shutter time and closed iris (to keep out-of-focus tracking markers reasonably sharp).  Also, the output is more predictable compared to camera tracking SW, where there may be trackable features missing etc.