(Rather incomplete and growing) list of various objects (electronics not listed here!) available to out clients for video or motion capture recording.

All sizes are approx. in cm, width x depth x height of the object


various tables 70-90 cm high



41x41x45 - 5pc. - ideal for Mocap

33x33x45 - 3pc. - tabouret, no support for a back

office chairs - normally not recommended as a back support occludes the markers


Weapon props

M16 - 1pc

AK47 - 1pc

RPG - 1pc (relatively lightweight tube)

Javelin - 1pc (tube length 60cm, diameter 11cm)

Pistols (multiple)

180 cm long - 1pc. a bamboo staff, suitable for fighting

Swords: preferably use Your real weapons because of their momentum. Alternatively, our preffered performers can provide their own weapons.

more available on request


Actor's rigging

two ropes, one dynamic, one static.

special acrobatic harness for stunts

set of snap-hooks and pulleys

various pipes and junctions



3 common matts 5 cm high

1 very large matt for acrobatic falls from hundreds-of-cm height



15 tripods of various types and sizes with photographic heads, from very small to 3+ meters high. We use some of them for our motion capture setups, while other cameras are attached to the frame ceiling.


Adjustable frame

can be used as a vertical ladder, a bed, a support for rope ladder etc.

main size: 202x103xroughly 450

mounted on an adjustable gear, that can lift whole frame up to +25 cm higher (>> -0 +25cm option below)

ladder option A: step distance 25cm, 1st step 54cm(-0 +25cm) above floor level or 17cm above a lowest support of a frame (see photo below, the long cross girder)

ladder option B: step distance 50cm, 1st step 79cm(-0 +25cm) above floor level or 42cm above a lowest support of a frame

193x60x8 - 2pc. - adjustable backplate: can be mounted on steps of a ladder option B, that is 79, 129, 179.. (-0 +25)cm above floor level. This may be used as a table, a bed etc. (visible mounted in the middle of the frame on a photo)

Other items

70x6x69-91 - 2pc. underpinning

190x80x5 - 1pc. wooden board

Wooden transportaion pallet - 1pc.

45-70x125x190-220 - 2pc. a pair of steps - 1st step 36cm above floor level, each other 28cm above. Note - a pair of steps is not a vertically oriented ladder.

various boxes

80x40x195 - 1pc. a rack - shelves at 10,46,84,121,158cm above floor level

rope ladder - 1pc. - 8 steps, step distance 27cm ~ 190cm total in unstretched state

120x80x27 - cart with removable railing

90x65x27 - cart with removable railing

Also worth to mention is the fact we have in-house constructionist capable of building special props as needed, so when You don't find, what You need, it still isn't end of days. Just let us know and we'll try to help.