Complete service: our staff provides complete service to the client: session management, talents selection, recording, editing and processing, everything right on the spot. And be sure not to miss many of other unique technologies the studio offers, the combination offers amazing possibilities!

Voice recording

Our company owns a specifically designed studio for voice recording (minimal echo for this type of audio recording is absolutely essential). We are able to provide spokepersons in various languages, including, but not limited to Czech, Slovak, English, German, Russian, but also some very exotic by arrangement). The recorded data is then carefully processed and edited and optimized for intended purpose – a dialogue replacement, voiceover or a full game audio database.

Foley recording

Over past years, we built large bank of various sounds of many kinds of environments. And should it happen the data is not yet available, we are able to record the sound in very high quality in the studio or field in many channels. Our experience is vast thanks to multiple complex projects we finished.

Sound recording anywhere

Using multiple sets of different types of microphones, we are able to record almost any audio source in 192k/24bit uncompressed multichannel.

Custom sound design

it is possible to create unique sounds of supernatural beasts, machines etc.

Soundtrack design

We design original soundtracks in any audio genre needed. It is also possible to design a score for a classical orchestra and record the performance live or simulate using high end synthesizer software.

We have very high quality banks of various instruments, both synthetic and brilliantly performed classical musical instruments. For many applications, the synthesized sound is perfectly suitable and can save significant costs over live recording. However, should the client decide, it is still possible to record live performance with some of world class performers. This includes, also rock instruments of all kinds and exotic ethno instruments.

Video audiotrack finishing

We are able to prepare complete audio for a video, should it be a trailer, a documentary or a film. For feature film aiming at the cinema distribution, we prepare source data and supervise the finishing at one or our partners' facilities.