Setup #1: Full Body / Face / Fingers main MoCap System

  • a technology by industry leading, Motion Analysis Corp.
  • gigabit connection
  • 20x Raptor-4 four megapixel camera setup (the most advanced cameras M.A.C. produce): very high powered near-infra light camera strobes, exchangeable indoor / outdoor lens filters (see how 4 and 16 megapixel cameras compare)
  • lens 18-55mm zoom allows for extra flexibility in setting the MC volume up (useful for creating long rectangles, for instance)
  • fully daylight tolerant system: accepts typical on-set lighting with almost no degradation of a MC volume, can work under direct sunlight with certain degradation of the MC volume size.
  • up to 150+fps full frame and more when in windowed mode. More than enough for any typical animation needs.
  • Cortex3 software suite
    • advanced real time marker labeling on rigid and soft bodies
    • DV recording of a reference video from multiple angles
    • with Calcium solver for matching the skeleton onto marker data distributed over the network. This allows for near real time previzualization of live CG characters in a virtual environment.
  • Up-to-date multicore PC setup, DVD and BD burner for writing data. Compatible with eSata, FireWire, USB2 & USB3 external hard drives (preferably NTFS formatted).

Setup #2: Full Body backup MoCap System

  • a technology by industry leading, Vicon
  • V8i datastation, gigabit connection
  • 15x M-Cam one megapixel camera setup: 6 of these are either red light (suitable for general mocap tasks) OR infrared (suitable also for facial MoCap), 9 remaining are red light; typically 120Hz frame rate; up to 3 characters at once in the shot (recommended for high quality data, not a hardware limitation though)
  • IQ2 software suite for fast and precise processing of the data
  • Up-to-date multicore PC setup, DVD and BD burner for writing data. Compatible with FireWire or USB2 external hard drives (preferably NTFS formatted).

Setup #3: Small auxiliary MoCap System

  • a technology by Optitrack
  • ARENA Expression Foundation PRO complete package specifically aimed at face MC
  • 6 MC cameras and 1 MC and reference video camera
  • ARENA Expression software
  • possible to use our RED One camera for ultra HD reference and a green screen keying – allows for simultaneous MC and video recording for high end VFX work.

Motion capture specific properties

  • Three large and one smaller special MoCap suits for free marker positioning on an actor’s body, they also prevent markers from sliding on the actor.
  • Reflective markers of various sizes, from 3 to 25mm radius, ready to stick on props and MoCap suits.
  • Set of various props – rifles, launchers, pistols, staves, film shutter (for syncing MoCap data to recorded DV video, good for cutter scenes)...; more on request. The studio employs handy craftsman, too.
  • DV cameras for optional recording of the takes, high-res digital still cameras with various lenses. If the video footage is critical, we may use our RED One ultra high definition camera to record in unrivaled resolutions.
  • Wireless microphone by AKG for recording sounds e.g. when recording facial MoCap data. Please note that dubbing will be necessary for production purposes due to the reverberation caused by the design of the MoCap hall, this recording shall be used for syncing purposes only.

Data gloves

  • Wireless optical 16-sensor data gloves by 5DT for basic recording of the fingers. Please note that these gloves are used as a guide for further processing by animators, not as a source data for animation as the data generated by these devices is of rather bad quality . Preferably, we can record fingers using very dense optical MoCap when cameras are positioned appropriately (will require cameras repositioning, only very limited action space available, good for a performer sitting on one place).

Other Moves Processing Tools

  • Autodesk Motion Builder 7.5 & 2009 software for fast retargeting of the moves to the skeleton of the CGI character
  • Autodesk Maya/3DS Max animation systems for modifications of incoming CGI characters
  • Capable of exporting to any popular data format. We strongly prefer MotionBuilder's FBX open data format that suits us best for most of these tasks.

Please read more on our stage, studio location and other equipment of our studio. Combining the technologies together may be very advantageous for Your projects.