Marker Trajectories

We export pure motion capture marker trajectories preferably in C3D format, which can be read by MotionBuilder software among others. Other options include CSM, CSV (comma separated value), TRC (track row column), FBX and Vicon V formats. FBX is a cross platform compatible and could be loaded using a free I/O plug-in to various popular 3D packages. Note that marker trajectories still must be mapped / retargeted onto the skeleton of the CGI character to get it moving. (e.g. It must be given joint rotations by using the relative positions of multiple markers).

CGI Character Setup, Animated Skeleton

For this, we absolutely prefer FBX format of MotionBuilder. This file can hold a character with textures and its skeleton and skinning information. After processing, it stores complete animation of the character that can be smoothly transferred into any popular 3D package. Please download free import/export plug-in from Autodesk’s website.

3DS Max Character studio users notice

For variety of good reasons, we don't record directly with marker sets Cstudio expects. For our 3DS Max customers, we offer retargeting of optical data onto provided CGI characters' skeletal hierarchies by our operators in Autodesk MotionBuilder - it is faster and more reliable.

The client is provided with animation stored directly on skeletal hierarchy of the model, that is the CGI character moves itself. Please contact us for more details.

Source videos for Remote MoCap

We accept any common video files (and are quite flexible), e.g. AVI encoded in XViD, x264, WMV file (set variable bitrate quality based = 60%). MPG, MP2, MP4, .H264 or QuickTime MOV etc. If using uncommon video codecs, please consult prior sending the files.

Output video of on-site DV or RED One camera

We can either copy direct DV AVI data to Your hard disk or can compress into almost any common video file client asks for, making compressed data available for download.

Where ultra high definition or high framerate video is requested (e.g. facial MoCap etc.), RED One raw R3D files are available. Alternatively, R3Ds may be recompressed in any common video format with a slight delay as it is computationally a bit more complex process.