Two MoCap systems | Audio recording | RED One. All this and more right on the spot!

Bohemia Interactive acquired various advanced technologies helping speed up our projects' development. These are unique and their combination in one studio is rare in this part of Europe.

Motion Capture – two separate optical motion capture setups from Vicon and OptiTrack allow to precisely record moves of multiple characters, mimics, finger moves, animals, props and more.

Ultra HD digital cinema – our fully equipped RED One digital camera with a set of prime lenses by Zeiss and tripod, lighting, keying background and post-processing RAID disk array equipped hardware allow for shooting and finishing of feature films for cinema or making of videos. Also, it is possible to record HD video generated by a computer or a gaming console for high quility presentation of features of computer games or VR simulation software. Audio recording is available, too:

Audio recording – our audio recording studio was purpose developed for recording of sounds and voices for computer games and a simulation software. Available are various microphones, multitrack digital recording devices and a in-house stage specifically developed for a voice recording.

The Stage – Motion capture setup is located in large, purpose built hall. This is available for rent standalone or with any of our technologies. It features a rugged frame on the ceiling that allows for handing lights, rigging of performers and more. Available are crash mattes and other props, electricity both 220V and 380V (common 5-pin power plug, 2 outlets rated 3x16A each).

Serious gaming / Mililtary training – software for training of military units, team cooperation, post-action review and more.

Specific to the studio is, that all the rare technologies are available just on the spot. That allows for some unique possibilities of technology mixing.